What a Great Summer We Have Had!

It has been a great summer! Pete Delkus of WFAA—Channel 8 recently reported that we had the coolest summer that we have had in a decade and the lowest number of 100 degree days from June thru August—which is listed below: Number of 100 Degree Days  - June through August 2014 … [Read more...]

Swimming Pools & Dogs

Swimming Pools and Dogs

When my sons were both young (one is currently a junior at the University of Oklahoma and the other is a senior at Denton Ryan High School), something happened that made me realize that I am a dog lover. Our yellow Labrador retriever, “Ellie”, died suddenly after 10 years of providing our family … [Read more...]

Tips for Having a Great Pool Party This Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day weekend is typically a big weekend for swimming pool parties.  With the relatively mild weather that we have been experiencing as of late—pools and backyards are a great place to be this coming weekend! Following is a checklist to assure that your Labor Day weekend pool party goes as … [Read more...]

Sun Protection

Although this information is a bit later in the summer that it should be, maybe it will help you prevent sunburn for the remainder of the summer—especially over Labor Day weekend, which is one of the busiest swim days of the year. Sunscreen is rated by SPF, which stands for Sun Protective … [Read more...]

Let’s Prevent Another 2012

You probably remember the summer of 2012, when Denton County had the highest rate per capita in the state for West Nile virus (source—WFAA Channel 8 news on August 22, 2012). As of late, there have been a few cases of West Nile virus in the DFW metroplex. Although the numbers are low, we need to be … [Read more...]

Water Saving Tips for Pool Owners

This has been a relatively mild summer thus far—especially when compared to the last few summers that we have experienced.  But one concern that we have had to deal with for the last few years is limited rainfall.  The current drought combined with the continued influx of new residents to the north … [Read more...]

Pool Care after a Flood

Pool Care After a Flood

We have just received substantial rainfall, especially in the northern part of Denton County. I am thankful for the rain, as it will help fill area lakes, but this much rain at one time can cause problems—even for swimming pools. Following are some tips to help with some issues that you might be … [Read more...]

Hot Weather Pool Care Tips

How about this great weather? I know that it is hot, but not as hot as it usually is in July in the Dallas/Fort Worth area—as of July 10th we have not yet had a 100 degree day. For the first time in the past 7 years, we just had a June without reaching 100 degrees. We are not likely to be as … [Read more...]

Pool Care after a Rain Storm

Typically we do not receive much rain this time of year, but this week has been an exception to the rule. I am thankful for the rain, but it can cause problems for swimming pools such as debris in the pool and water chemistry issues. Debris in the pool—This can be very frustrating, as a perfectly … [Read more...]

July 4th Pool Party Planning Tips

The July 4th weekend is traditionally the biggest weekend of the year for pool use. With Independence Day falling on a Friday this year, the party will likely go for a few days—stretching into the weekend. In addition, with the relatively mild weather that we have been experiencing as of late—pools … [Read more...]