July 4th Pool Party Planning Tips

Pre July 4th Sale

The July 4th weekend is traditionally the biggest weekend of the year for pool use. With Independence Day falling on a Saturday this year, the party will likely be all weekend. In addition, with the relatively mild weather that we have been experiencing as of late—pools and backyards are a great … [Read more...]

It Is Going To Be a Great Summer!

after the rain

The Rain What an interesting (and wet) spring that we have had—it has been a record breaker! In April, we received much more rain than normal, but then the record-breaking May arrived. Now that the rain appears to be over for a while, let’s look back on it. In May, it rained 24 out of 30 days … [Read more...]

School Is Out For the Summer!

School's Out for Summer

Graduation time is here and this group of high school seniors will now prepares to enter the next chapter of their lives. Although I remember high school graduation and the mixed emotions that I had, I have nothing but great memories of the feeling of freedom that the last day of school would bring … [Read more...]

Treatment for Brown Pool Due to Recent Flooding


Due to the recent flooding that the Denton area has experienced, some pools have turned brown. Depending on the severity of the problem, in some cases it might be necessary to drain and refill the pool. But we have found that in most cases, the following treatment will solve the … [Read more...]

Enjoy Your Memorial Day Weekend

Open Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is coming up and is traditionally considered the beginning of swim season. If you are the pool owner, hopefully by now your plans are in place for this weekend—the yard is mowed, the food is planned, the guests are invited, and the pool is ready!   Following are some last minute … [Read more...]

Dealing with Pool Problems after all of this Rain

Rain Rain...

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for this rain to stop! I have lived in my current house since 1999 and I do not recall the road to my house ever having been closed due to high water—which it was this morning (Monday, May 11th). I live approximately 10 miles north of Denton and have received … [Read more...]

Pool Heaters

Pool Heaters

With the rainy April and cooler than usual weather that we have been experiencing, pool water is not as warm as it typically is by mid-May. Average water temperatures in the Denton area are in the low to mid 70’s. Although according to the National Oceanographic Data Center, 70-78 degrees is … [Read more...]

Swimming Pool Care Tips after the Rains

Rain Rain...

Hallelujah! What a rainy month we had in April in the Dallas/Fort Worth area! This is great news for us, as most DFW area lakes are at or near their capacity for the first time in several years and lawns and gardens seem to be thriving. With that being said, it was difficult on Denton Arts & … [Read more...]

The Big Annual Sale Is Soon–Don’t Miss It!

Big Annual Sale

30 years ago, Gohlke Pools started having an annual sale—called The Big Sale!  This is a great opportunity for pool owners to stock up for the season at special discounted prices and to begin preparing for the upcoming pool season.  Following is a schedule of the events planned: Thursday, April … [Read more...]

Spring Pool Checklist

Spring Checklist

Pools should be a source of fun and relaxation, not a source of constant work and worry. Pool care can be very simple and we have found that being consistent and uniform in chemical treatment, vacuuming, basket cleaning, and filter cleaning are the keys to successful pool care. Pool care is like … [Read more...]