How to Deal with the Freeze Damage

Freezing Pipes

WOW!   What a wild week that it has been, as we have experienced it all: rain, freezing rain, sleet, & snow, and very little sunshine. What can really be difficult on pool equipment is consecutive number of hours below freezing—of which we had the longest streak thus far this winter of 40+ … [Read more...]

Now is a Great Time to Renovate Your Swimming Pool

Pool Renovation

After a number of years, pools can become outdated and in need of a renovation. Some pool owners’ desire minor changes and some desire dramatic overhauls. Due to the availability of new products and materials that weren’t available when the existing pool was constructed, often times the pool looks … [Read more...]

Buying a House with a Swimming Pool

With the hot real estate market that we are experiencing in the north Texas area, many of us in the swimming pool industry are being faced with the question—“Is purchasing a house with an existing swimming pool a good idea?”   The answer is that is really depends on several factors. First, you … [Read more...]

A Commitment From Gohlke Pools for 2015

We always end the year with mixed emotions. We are happy that we get a chance to reflect back on 2014 and we have some great memories, a few successes, and also a few failures. In addition, it allows us to look at goals that we have set and see how we did. We do not know what the economy will be … [Read more...]

Now is the Time to Begin Planning a Backyard Pool

Most pool builders are asked two questions more than they hear other questions—and those questions are: “What is the best time of year to build a swimming pool?” “How do I begin the planning process for a swimming pool?” Following are the answers to these very common questions: What is the … [Read more...]

A Christmas Message

A few years ago at the Pool Expo I attended a seminar by Clay Nelson ( that had an impact on my priorities and my life.  I now receive his email newsletters and feel like the following information is worth sharing as we enter Christmas week. “As you sit down for a meal … [Read more...]

North Texas Winter Weather Information

Although winter does not officially begin until December 21st, the cold weather that we experienced in mid-November seemed to create some interest in the severity of the weather that we are going to have this winter in the north Texas area. While none of us really know what the weather will be, … [Read more...]

A Holiday Message from Clay Nelson Family togetherness during the holiday season is something we look forward to, and often dread all at the same time. Ask 100 people why that is, and you will probably get 100 different answers that can all be wrapped up into one core thought, which is: Expectations! We … [Read more...]

DFW Freezing Weather Information

DFW Freezes

Well—it has happened.  We have now had our first freeze of the season, which fell on November 12th, the earliest first freeze since 1997.  Last season was a cold winter in which we experienced 55 freezes—our  first freeze occurred on November 13th and our last freeze occurred on March 5th.  … [Read more...]

Hot Tubs


Few people will disagree that soaking in a hot tub is just about as good as life gets.  Whether you are spending time alone enjoying the quietness at the end of a long day, enjoying some down time with your spouse, or even enjoying some family bonding time in the hot tub, there is little argument … [Read more...]