History of Gohlke Pools

Gene and Matt Gohlke

In 1953, Gene Gohlke came from Denison, where he grew up, to Denton to attend North Texas State University. In February of 1956, he went to work for Bert Moore (now deceased), owner of Moore Building Products. Moore Building Products sold masonry supplies, concrete blocks, and other building products mostly to the building trade. Mr. Moore and Gene felt the time was right to begin building residential swimming pools and formed a partnership in 1958 named Royal Pools of Denton. The pools in those days were built in much the same way pools are today with the exception of one major difference. Instead of using the current method of applying gunite (applying the concrete by shooting it through a hose at high pressure and stacking it up the walls), the concrete truck would back up to the pool and dump the load onto the floor of the pool. Laborers would then begin hand stacking the concrete up the walls. It was a very effective method of building pools as they have withstood the test of time. In 1962, Royal Pools tried the gunite method, which is a much easier method of applying the concrete. They built approximately 75 pools before deciding to cease pool construction in 1963. Included in the pools that were built by Royal Pools that are still in operation are the VFW pool, Clayton House Hotel pool and residential pools in Denton on Mistywood, Ector, Bolivar, Cordell, Woodland and Archer Trail. Most all of the pools at that time were diving pools, and cost approximately $3,500 to $4,000.

In 1963, Gene purchased the business from Bert Moore and shortly thereafter opened Gohlke Pool Supply as a separate business, selling pool supplies and offering repairs and weekly cleaning service. They continued to service pools and provide supplies for the pools they had built through Moore Building Products. In 1974, Gene renamed Moore Building Products to Gene Gohlke Building Products.

Young Matt Gohlke

In 1984, when Matt Gohlke graduated from Texas Christian University, he joined the family business working for Gohlke Pool Supply. In 1985, Matt & Gene formed a partnership, Gohlke Custom Pools, to resume pool construction. In 1986, Gohlke Pools (Gohlke Pool Supply and Gohlke Custom Pools) moved to 615 Dallas Drive. In 1992, Matt purchased Gohlke Pool Supply and the remaining 50% of Gohlke Custom Pools.

In 1995, the Service Department move into a 4000 sq. ft. warehouse on Frame Street and in 2000, moved Gohlke Custom Pools (pool construction) to 620 Dallas Drive. This meant that the business had now grown to three independent divisions working out of three separate locations. Although this move created space for all three divisions to flourish, it created some logistical problems.

In the Spring of 2003, all three divisions (construction, retail, & service) moved to 909 Dallas Drive where they are still located today.

Pool Renovations
Pool Renovations
Pool Renovations

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Down home genuine feel.  Always feel like your staff is being honest and courteous with us.  I like the face that your service technicians are nice to my dogs and are able to do their service and I don’t have to lock the dogs up in the house for the day.  It may not sound like much but this is a really big deal to us. - Christine W.

Answered questions and gave honest advice.  Also, Saturday service since that is the only day I can be there. - Dennis W.

The fellow who came to the house and showed me how to work the filters, pumps, etc. and let me do it hands on so I knew what to do myself.  Very informative, friendly, and “pool knowledge” are not silly questions.  They understand not everyone knows about pools.  Very knowledgeable staff.  I felt every employee, either in the store or those that came out to the house knew exactly what they were talking about. - JoAnn O.

Timely response, honest answers, and friendly service.  A.W. was a great guy to work with . - Patricia B .

Matt Watson is friendly, caring , and prompt. - Gary & Carol P.

Genuine concern about my pool’s problem.  Taking initiative to solve the problem and having authority to do so.  Seems like a family unit more than a company only our for a profit. - Mary F.