Swimming Pool Web Sites

As you can imagine, there are hundreds, if not thousands, items of information on swimming pools that can be found on the Internet. Following are several that we have found to be beneficial to those considering purchasing a swimming pool or those of you that already have a swimming pool.

Planning a Swimming Pool 

Aquatech is a society of pool building professionals. This is a good web site to visit to get general information if you are planning on building a swimming pool.

Aqua Magazine is a magazine of the swimming pool industry. It contains general and specific information as well as links to other pool-related web sites.

The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals has many of the award-winning pools that have been honored at the annual International Pool & Spa Expo.

Pool Houses & Gazebos

Coventry Pool and Garden Houses - If you are interested in building a pool house, then this is the web site for you.

Summerwood Products - designers of pool houses and gazebos and sell ready-to-assemble kits.

For Existing Pool Owners

PoolManual.Com - a web site where pool owners learn how to effectively and efficiently operate and care for their swimming pool.

Pool and Spa Living is a consumer pool and spa magazine. This web site has on-line news and articles about current and upcoming issues.

Anchor Industries - a pool cover company that manufactures mesh and solid covers that anchor to the pool deck.

Jandy Products - Teledyne Laars/Jandy Products supplies control systems, heaters, valves, and waterfalls to the swimming pool industry.

Polaris Pool Systems manufacture top-of-the-line automatic pool cleaners, as well as other products.

Pentair has been an industry leader for over 25 years and has recently grown to be one of the largest pump and filter manufacturers in the swimming pool industry. They also manufacture heaters, lights, and control systems.

S.R. Smith is a company that produces diving boards, slides, and rail products.

Swimming Pool Chemicals

BioGuard is the leading manufacturer of pool chemicals. This is a very good web site for general pool care information as it has tips and troubleshooting information.

Baquacil is a non-chlorine pool sanitizer. This web site discusses their products and also covers other pool topics.

The Chlorine Chemistry Council, a division of the American Chemistry Council provides answers to the most commonly asked questions about chlorine and chlorine use.


The National Safe Kids Campaign addresses swimming pool safety among other child safety issues.
The American Heart Assocation - a national voluntary health agency whose mission is "Building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke" and which offers information training on cardio-health. Gohlke Pools holds certification in CPR training from the American Heart Association.


Riebee Water Sports - America’s Coolest Water Sport-Plays like Bocce Ball in the water!

Pool Renovations
Pool Renovations
Pool Renovations

Ask The Pool Guy.....

200 YEARS of pool care experience at Gohlke Pools means we have seen it all. If you have questions about pool care, pool construction, renovation or repair, click here to ASK THE POOL GUY!

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