Covering your pool - Solid covers

Covering Your Swimming Pool with a Solid Cover

Autumn and Winter in Denton and surrounding counties may draw a pool owner's attention away from the back yard pool at a time where proper maintenance can be critical. Falling tree foliage, wind-blown debris and sudden freezes are part of the North Texas way of life. Pool covers are an important consideration for pool owners all over the Dallas and North Texas region.

Usually the fall spells the end of the swim season for many pool owners in Denton County and the North Texas area. Everyone is different in that regard—we used to have a customer that would have us remove his swimming pool cover the week of July 4th, and then he call to have it covered the week after July 4th. This left his pool open for just a few days so his granddaughter could use it while she visited - WOW - What a grandfather!

Solid covers are still sometimes used in the Denton area, although they have declined in use over the past few years due to the increasing popularity of mesh covers. We typically tell customers that are considering winter pool care options that if they have a leaf problem in the fall, a mesh cover is probably the best option. If leaves are not a problem, then a solid cover or not covering the pool at all are both good options. Covering your pool with a solid cover probably makes the most economic sense, but we rarely consider just economics when we make a decision.

Solid covers allow you to winterize (drain) your pool equipment, put chemicals into the pool, and cover the pool for the winter. This cover catches both water and debris, which must be periodically removed from the top of the cover. When the cover is removed in the spring, the pool is basically ready for swimming.
Following are the steps for covering your pool with a winter cover. They may be helpful in determining if a solid cover is the winter pool care option for your pool.

  1. 1. Clean and Prepare Pool – Covering a dirty pool is like sweeping dirt under the rug. It will just fester and return to haunt you later. If you leave the pool sparkling clean, there is a high probability you will find it as you left it when spring arrives.
    • Vacuum pool and thoroughly clean pump basket and skimmer baskets.
    • Turn off pump, turn off breakers, and remove timer trippers.
    • Clean filter— If you have a sand filter—backwash and rinse. If you have a D.E. filter—backwash and then remove and clean the filter elements and reassemble. If you have a cartridge filter—remove and clean cartridge.
    • Remove ladders and automatic cleaners. Remove pool cleaner hoses and store in a straight line.
  2. 3. Chemically treat the water - With the proper chemical treatment, a pool can hibernate for the winter and return in great shape. If using Baquacil or Softswim, follow their winterizing plan—Do not add chlorine.
    • Bring a water sample (approximately one pint) to Gohlke Pools for a thorough analysis.
    • Adjust the pH to 7.4.
    • Add a preventative algaecide (Backup or Algae All 60) to your pool per label directions.
    • Dissolve granular chlorine and pour around perimeter of pool. If using Burn Out Extreme, CLC2 or Smart Shock—4 to 6 ounces per 1,000 gallons.
  3. Take steps to avoid freeze damage – Water expands when it freezes. When water in your pool equipment freezes and expands, it is trapped and has nowhere to go. This can cause damage to pool equipment or plumbing. Following is how to prevent this from occurring.
    • Drain the pump, filter, heater, booster pump, remove or drain chlorinator, open all valves, and remove all hoses. Be sure to remove the trippers from the time clock or turn off the breaker for the pool equipment.
  1. 6. Cover the pool – Take your time covering the pool, as it will be there for several months, and a good fit helps assure the cover will stay in place.
    • Fill up watertubes (a spray nozzle works best).
    • Stretch cover over pool while placing watertubes around perimeter to help secure cover.
    • Adjust and straighten cover.

It is very important to check the pool water level every two weeks and add water as needed. The pool cover is designed to rest on the water. Remove large amounts of water from the top of the cover by using a pump or a siphon. In addition, keep the leaves from accumulating on top of the cover.
If you have any questions about covering your pool with a solid cover, give us a call.


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