Snakes and Wildlife

Watch Those Snakes!

In the pool business, we are fairly accustomed to dealing with animals in swimming pools-mice, rats, frogs, crawfish, turtles, armadillos, and even an occasional skunk. In addition, we sometimes have to deal with snakes in swimming pools. Several of our service technicians have some very humorous snake stories, but they can also be dangerous. We once had an employee injured dealing with a snake-not being bitten by it but trying to get away from it. He fell and injured his knee in an attempt to leave the area of the snake-obviously in a hurry!

We are also aware of another service technician in the area that had a snake incident. As he was cleaning the pool, he reached down into the skimmer basket to remove the basket full of leaves. As he reached down into the basket, he felt something grab onto his hand. He pulled his hand out, and discovered that he had been bitten by a snake, a copperhead approximately 10"-12" long. The copperhead had curled up into the leaves in the skimmer basket and was not visible. The pool technician spent three nights in the hospital, but evidently will have no long term effects (other than he might never empty another skimmer basket).

It is important to be careful when cleaning your skimmer baskets. Be sure that your skimmer basket has a handle so that you do not have to reach into the basket. In addition, before reaching into the skimmer basket, look real closely, and even consider using a hook or pliers to remove the basket.  Another option is a Skimmer Pro basket—which has a tower that can be used for a handle.  The tower is actually designed to help water flow when the basket is full of debris, but we have found that it also works well as a handle.  Another product, called The Skimmer Angel, is actually a handle that attaches to your current skimmer basket.

Happy swimming and watch those snakes!

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Down home genuine feel.  Always feel like your staff is being honest and courteous with us.  I like the face that your service technicians are nice to my dogs and are able to do their service and I don’t have to lock the dogs up in the house for the day.  It may not sound like much but this is a really big deal to us. - Christine W.

Answered questions and gave honest advice.  Also, Saturday service since that is the only day I can be there. - Dennis W.

The fellow who came to the house and showed me how to work the filters, pumps, etc. and let me do it hands on so I knew what to do myself.  Very informative, friendly, and “pool knowledge” are not silly questions.  They understand not everyone knows about pools.  Very knowledgeable staff.  I felt every employee, either in the store or those that came out to the house knew exactly what they were talking about. - JoAnn O.

Timely response, honest answers, and friendly service.  A.W. was a great guy to work with . - Patricia B .

Matt Watson is friendly, caring , and prompt. - Gary & Carol P.

Genuine concern about my pool’s problem.  Taking initiative to solve the problem and having authority to do so.  Seems like a family unit more than a company only our for a profit. - Mary F.