Our Recommended Chlorine System

Bio Guard Water Treatment

Gohlke Pools has been very successful using Poolife’s Once-A-Week 3-Step Program. This system is very easy to use and uses a minimum amount of chlorine in conjunction with low levels of algaecide. There are certainly other ways to chlorinate, but we have found the following to be mosteffective and efficient.

Step 1 – Brite Stix

Brite Stix are a form of chlorine that are designed for skimmer use only. Brite Stix contain Smart Guard, which forms a protective skin over the stick when the pump is not in operation, making the sticks last a full week and also protecting the pool equipment from low pH situations. Smart Guard prevents damage to pool equipment when used in the skimmer. 1” and 3” tablets do not have this characteristic, and can cause damage to pool equipment due to low pH situations. Therefore, do not use 1” or 3” tablets in the skimmer – use Brite Stix only. In addition, Brite Stix will last twice as long as 1”or 3” tablets when used under the same conditions. The pump must run at least 8 hours per day for Brite Stix to be effective.

Weekly Application Rate - Each Brite Stix can treat 5,000 gallons of water. Apply to skimmer. Add the full dose, even if there are pieces left in the skimmer.

Step 2 – Clean Shock

Clean Shock is a granular form of chlorine, which oxidizes waste, kills algae, and clarifies the water. It is a unique blend of oxidizing and clarifying agents that dissolves almost instantly.

Weekly Application Rate - Apply directly to the pool at a rate of one pound of product for up to 10,000 gallons, with the pump in operation, pour evenly around the edges of the pool.

Step 3 – Super AlgaeBomb 60

Super AlgaeBomb 60 is an effective algae killer that works well with chlorine to deliver a one-two punch that kills algae and bacteria more efficiently than either could do alone.

Weekly Application Rate - Apply 1oz. for every 5,000 gallons. Apply with the pump in operation, simply pour the liquid around the edges of the pool.

For winter application, apply the same amounts as above, except do it every other week instead of every week. Please do not ignore your pool in the winter; although it takes less care, it still needs some attention. Keep the water tested and treated as necessary.


Taking your water to the next level

Occasionally we have customers that are not satisfied with the quality of their pool water or they simply want to outdo their neighbor. For them, we recommend Endure. It will truly take the quality of your water to the next level. Following is a brief description of the product:


Endure is a unique product formulated to “optimize” the performance of all the chemicals in the water. With Endure, augmenting the Once-A-Week 3-Step System, the customer will realize:

  • Clear and sparkling Caribbean blue water
  • Smooth and gentle feeling water decreases skin and eye irritation
  • Enhances sanitizer performance and helps prevent algae
  • Helps protect equipment and pool surfaces
  • Improved chemical efficiency — lower operating costs

Application Rate

The ideal range of Endure is 30-50. This is something we suggest having us test every 3 months to adjust as needed. 1 lb. per 1,000 gallons increases Endure level 17 ppm. Pour directly into the pool.

If you follow the above recommended application amounts and keep the pH in the proper range, you will be successful in your quest for a beautiful, safe pool.


The information provided here is true and complete to the best of our knowledge, but without guarantee on the part of Gohlke Pool Supply, Inc., and Gohlke Custom Pools, Inc., or on the part of any of its employees who disclaim all liability incurred with the use of this information. - Always follow label directions and manufacturer’s instructions for each product used.

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